Is it time for a change? Do you just need a trim? This is my passion and you can see that in the way that I meticulously cut hair.

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From highlights, low lights, to full color. There are so many new color trends out there today and that makes me ecstatic.

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Whether you are getting married, going to prom, or just want your hair styled for the day I provide the ultimate in hair styling.

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Dawn Q.

Absolutely the BEST, most experienced, professional, and educated hair stylist (or should I say hair DOCTOR) I have ever been to! He is absolutely amazing and did exactly what I wanted. Took his time to make sure my hair was nothing less then perfect. And even though I went lighter, my hair feels healthier because of the products he uses then it ever had before. If you want a celebrity hair stylist, go to Talaat!! You will be amazed!!!!!!
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